A Journey Through Delectable E-Liquid Flavors

A Journey Through Delectable E-Liquid Flavors

Flavouring ingredients increase e-cigarette attractiveness and use, particularly among young non-smoking adolescents. It is therefore crucial that regulators have a comprehensive overview of the range of E-liquid Flavors descriptions marketed on their markets.

This study classifies e-liquid flavour descriptions into 16 main categories and 46 subcategories using information provided by manufacturers through the EU-CEG system in 2017. This includes a wide variety of flower and plant-related flavours.


Many new vapers are drawn to fruity flavors. They offer a wide range of options that include sweet berry sensations, sour citrus blends and tropical treats.

Many premium e-liquid brands spend time researching which flavors mix well together to create the best-tasting e-juices available. The 7 Daze Fusion collection is a perfect example, with its variety of fruity blends that are balanced and full of flavor.

For a truly decadent fruity vape, try Candy King’s Strawberry. This high VG juice is full of the lush taste of strawberries and every drag offers an inhale of satisfying goodness. You can also try their Mango and Blood Orange on Ice for a refreshing blend of high-quality vape liquid. Alternatively, you could try Purple Blue Berry by Twist E-liquids, a delicious mixture of tangy pomegranate and crisp blueberries.


The tobacco industry adds flavours to cigarettes and e-liquids to make them more appealing to non-smokers and adolescents. The flavours mask the harshness of nicotine, and can also produce sensations such as temperature, touch and pain through chemaesthesis (sensations produced by stimulating receptors that normally respond to weak or strong mechanical or thermal stimulation).

Tobacco companies are continuously developing new flavoured products to increase their market share. For example, some manufacturers have introduced flavour capsules in the filters of cigarettes that consumers can crush to release bursts of flavour while smoking.


Dessert e-liquids offer a sugary sweetness that can be a delicious treat for those with a sweet tooth. Often blending propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin with flavouring agents, these e-liquids can create a smooth vape that is often more than just a candy or fruit taste.

Some brands have created an entire collection of e-liquids with decadent flavour profiles to satisfy your cravings. Whether you are craving a glazed donut, creamy cone of ice cream, or a mouthwatering slice of pie, there is something in this category for every sweet tooth.

Custard flavors like the silky and velvety Caramel Brulee from Coastal Clouds are enough to make your palate crave for more. Or if you are more of a banana fan, you can find your perfect match with the rich and delicious Fried Banana from Air Factory E-Liquids.


Whether you prefer a blackcurrant cordial or a refreshing iced tea or a cup of coffee, there is a drink flavoured vape for you. E-liquids with a drinks flavor are generally high-quality, delivering great vape hits with a smooth and satisfying flavour.

The main flavour categories are further broken down into subcategories, which vary from 4 to 46 in number per category. This helps to reduce the overall amount of work required for manual classification.

However, some e-liquids contain multiple flavouring ingredients which may be classified in more than one of these categories. For example, an e-liquid with ‘apple pie’ flavour is likely to be classified as either dessert or fruit-other, depending on which flavouring ingredients are present. This can make accurate automated classification difficult.


Menthol is a cool sensation in the lips, throat, and lungs as you vape. It also has a refreshing taste that can add an extra kick to any e-liquid flavor.

There are many fruity mentholated vapes on the market, but some are more satisfying than others. Here are 10 of the best.

Coastal Clouds NTN Blue Razz Ice Nic Salt features the tart and sweet taste of classic blue raspberry with a cooling menthol finish. The balanced combination of fruity and cool flavors makes this e-liquid suitable for all-day vaping.