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Flying shear is a kind of equipment to implement the shearing process of rolled pieces in the movement of rolled pieces. It is one of the indispensable and key equipment in the continuous steel rolling production line. With the development of steel rolling process and the transformation needs of steel plant capacity expansion, higher requirements are put forward for steel rolling equipment, mainly reflected in large rolling section and high rolling speed.
Main uses: flying shear is often used in steel rolling, papermaking and other production lines.
In the continuous rolling billet workshop or small section steel workshop, it is placed at the back of the rolling line to cut the rolled piece to a fixed length or only cut the head and tail. Various types of flying shears are equipped in the cross shear unit, heavy shear unit, galvanizing unit and tin plating unit in the cold and hot strip steel workshop to cut the strip steel into fixed length or steel coil with specified weight.
The wide use of flying shear is conducive to the rapid development of steel rolling production in the direction of high speed and continuity. Therefore, it is one of the important links in the development of steel rolling production.

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