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  • What Is The Difference Between An Intermediate Frequency Copper Melting Furnace And An Oil-Fired Copper Melting Furnace?

    Generally speaking, the main purpose of the medium frequency electric furnace copper melting furnace is the melting of copper metal materials. The main purpose of the oil-fired copper melting furnace is the melting of copper metal materials. It is very convenient to install and operate. Copper me...
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  • The Concept Of Rolling Mill Rigidity

    The rolling mill generates huge rolling force in the steel rolling production process, which is passed through the rolls, bearings, pressing screws, and finally to the stand, which is borne by the stand. All these parts on the rolling mill are stressed parts, and they all produce elastic deformat...
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  • The Role Of Electric Furnace Steelmaking Dust Collector

    Smelting electric furnace steelmaking dust collector system composition Furnace flue gas-manual butterfly valve Dust removal pipeline-bag filter-main fan chimney Flue gas when pouring-Manual butterfly valve Ash conveying system Design of Dust Hood for Smelting Electric Furnace Steelmaking Accordi...
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  • What Is A Rolling Mill?

    The rolling mill is the equipment that realizes the metal rolling process, and generally refers to the equipment that completes the whole process of rolling material production. According to the number of rolls, the rolling mill can be divided into two rolls, four rolls, six rolls, eight rolls, t...
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  • Machining of Carbide Mill Rolls

    With the rapid development of the steel industry, in order to improve the output rate of steel, improve the utilization rate and production efficiency of the rolling mill, and reduce the number of shutdowns of the rolling mill, carbide mill rolls and roll rings have emerged as the times require, ...
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  • Flying shear motion control

    Flying shear is a very common motion control, and it is a little different from ordinary electronic cams. The original concept of electronic cam is to replace mechanical cam with electrical structure. is a cam. But the digital quantity can never reach the analog quantity, and can only approach in...
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  • Small knowledge

    The roll is an important part of the rolling mill in the rolling mill. The pressure produced by a pair or group of rolls is used to roll the steel. It mainly bears the influence of dynamic and static loads, wear and temperature changes during rolling. There are two kinds of rolls: hot roll and co...
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  • Common problems of roll

    The roll is a tool that causes the metal to produce plastic deformation. It is an important consuming part that determines the efficiency of the rolling mill and the quality of rolled products. The roll is an important part of the rolling mill in the rolling mill. The pressure produced by a pair ...
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  • Protective process of roll bearing

    1. Bearing cleaning. In the process of cleaning the bearing, all falling off, ponding, residual smoothing agent and any other dirt that will cause severe wear of the bearing shall be removed. The cleaning method and cleaning agent selected for cleaning bearings shall be determined according to th...
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  • steel-making


    Definition of steelmaking: remove impurities in pig iron and scrap by oxidation and add an appropriate amount of alloy elements to make it a steel with high strength, toughness or other special properties. This process is called “steelmaking”. For iron carbon alloys with carbon conten...
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  • Electric arc furnace

    Electric arc furnace

    Electric arc furnace an electric furnace for smelting ore and metal at high temperature produced by electrode arc. When gas discharge forms arc, the energy is very concentrated, and the temperature of arc area is above      3000 ℃. For smelting metal, the electric arc furnace has greater process ...
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  • Rolling mill

    Rolling mill

    Classification of rolling mill: 1. Two high mill Two high mill has two types: reversible and irreversible. (1)。: High irreversible mill The two high irreversible rolling mill has the advantages of simple structure, less auxiliary equipment, less manufacturing cost and easy installation There are...
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