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Short stress line rolling mill, also known as no archway rolling mill, is a kind of high stiffness rolling mill, which is used as section steel
When the rolling mill is used, it should not only have high radial stiffness, but also have high
Axial stiffness. At present, many types of short stress line mills have been developed in China, such as Gy
Type, Hb type, CW type, sy type, GW type and DW type, among which there are three representative types
It is Gy type short stress line rolling mill, Hb type non arch rolling mill and sy type high stiffness rolling mill. These kinds
All rolling mills refer to Sweden’s P-60. Type I non archway rolling mill, combined with their different conditions
Therefore, the structure of the high stress line of their main stress parts is similar, only in the support
There are some differences in methods and some specific structures, each with its own characteristics. Short stress rolling mill has been metallurgical
The Ministry is listed as a key promotion project during the Seventh Five Year Plan period

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